CISM/Peer Support Accreditation

The Office of EMS supports the CISM/Peer Support Team Accreditation program in accordance with Virginia Code § 32.1-111.3.  This accreditation program was developed utilizing a multi-phase process through the State EMS Advisory Board.  The accreditation process allows for a standardization of teams that will be utilized in requests for CISM Teams at the state level or to fulfill Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) requests from other states.

The process of fulfilling requests at the state level will be based on prioritizing those teams that have received accredited status over those teams that have not. In order to receive accredited status, a CISM or Peer Support team must complete the attached application and provide supporting documentation of the additional requirements. Once the documents have been received they will be reviewed for consideration and any additional information or need for clarification will be sent to primary point of contact listed on the application.

CISM/Peer Support Accreditation Application

List of Accredited CISM/Peer Support Teams

For additional information on the CISM/Peer Support Accreditation process, please contact Karen Owens, Emergency Operations Division Director, at, or via phone at 804-888-9100.