Health and Safety Pledge

The Office of EMS recognizes the importance of provider safety, whether on the scene, responding, or working at the station. As part of our focus on provider health and safety, the Provider Health and Safety Committee of the State EMS Advisory Board developed two safety pledges. The first pledge is focused on the areas an EMS agency can focus on make provider health and safety and priority. The second pledge is written specifically for the EMS provider. Like, the agency pledge, the provider pledge provides areas for focusing on health and safety.

The Office of EMS encourages EMS agencies to sign the safety pledge, and to have their members sign the provider pledge. Signed pledges can be returned to the following address so that agencies may receive recognition for their pledge to focus on provider health and safety.

Mail pledges to:

Virginia Office of EMS
Attn: Karen Owens, Emergency Operations Division Director
1041 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059

For questions contact: Karen Owens, Division Director, Emergency Operations