EMS Funding

$4 for Life Return to Locality Funds Information

Four for Life-Return to Localities Funding (Current Fiscal Year Payments)

Four-for-Life Fund

OEMS receives funding allocated from the Four-for-Life program annually. This funding is legislated by the Code of Virginia § 46.2-694 which stipulates that an additional $4 per year is charged and collected at the time of vehicle registration and set aside as a special fund to be used only for EMS purposes. The money in the Four-for-Life fund is distributed as follows:

  • 32% is distributed to the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund.
  • 30% is disbursed through contracts and other procurements to support:
    • Emergency medical services training programs
    • Advanced Life Support training
    • Recruitment and retention programs
    • Emergency medical services system development, initiatives and priorities
    • Local, regional and statewide performance contracts for EMS
    • Technology and radio communication enhancements
    • Emergency preparedness and response
  • 2% is distributed to the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads to be used for the purpose of conducting volunteer recruitment, retention and training activities.
  • 10% is to support OEMS.
  • 26% is allocated as the “Return to Locality” fund to provide local funding support for:
    • Training of EMS personnel
    • The purchase of equipment and supplies for emergency medical and rescue services

Return to Locality Fund

In Fiscal Year 2007, the Return to Locality fund balance was $5,637,086.00. As required by the Code of Virginia, these funds are returned to the locality in which the passenger vehicle is registered. There are 134 recognized localities throughout Virginia (95 counties and 39 cities). Annually, as required by Code, each locality must submit a report to OEMS on the use/distribution of those funds prior to receiving additional funds under this program. Funding is withheld pending receipt of the annual report.