EMS-Grant Information Funding Tool (E-Gift)

EMS – Grant Information Funding Tool (E-Gift)
Welcome to the E-Gift, the new Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) online grant application system.  The E-Gift has replaced the Consolidated Grant Application System (CGAP), the software program used in the past.  E-Gift automates the grant process by using a web-based system.  We know you will find this user-friendly tool useful in your grant application writing and submission process.

Eligible Agencies
The Office of EMS recognizes two types of agencies or organizations that are eligible to apply for a RSAF Grant, Licensed EMS Agencies and Non-Licensed EMS Agencies.

  • A Licensed EMS Agency is an agency that is authorized by the Office of EMS to provide emergency medical services in the state as an EMS agency. Contact your Agency’s Super User to have your E-Gift account created.
  • A Non-Licensed EMS Agency is an agency that is not authorized by the Office of EMS to provide Emergency medical services in the state, for example EMS Regional Council, Community College, Sheriff’s Office, 911 Centers, and Volunteer Fire Department. Click on the blue “Click here to Sign up” button on the e-gift log in screen to get started.

E-Gift Users
The E-Gift system requires three types of users: an Authorized Agent, a Financial Officer and an Agency Operational Medical Director.

  • The Authorized Agent, or grant submitter, is the person responsible for the completion of the grant application on the agency’s behalf.  The authorized agent has the ability to create and make any necessary modifications to the grant.
  • The Financial Officer is the person responsible for the receipt, care, and disbursement of money of an agency or organization.  The Financial Officer will have the capability to review and e-sign the grant; they do not have edit capabilities.
  • The Agency Operational Medical Director (OMD) is an EMS physician, currently licensed to practice medicine or osteopathic medicine in the Commonwealth, who is formally recognized and responsible for providing medical direction, oversight and quality improvement to an EMS agency and personnel. The OMD will have the capability to review and e-sign the grant. All OMD’s have accounts already established with the Office of EMS and are required to use their existing account to log into E-Gift.

The following resources are available to assist grant application users in their submission process.

For assistance please contact OEMS-AppSupport@vdh.virginia.gov.