2008 Governor’s EMS Awards

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior
The Dr. Carol Gilbert $5,000 Scholarship

Jessica Jefferson

Jessica is an EMT-B who joined Boonesboro Volunteer Fire & Rescue in her father’s footsteps and wanted to spend more time giving back to her community and helping those in need. Jessica quickly found her place in the squad as a Junior Member and her passion to help others only increased with time. Jessica was also heavily involved in school activities, like National Honor Society and the Forensic Team, as well as with her church, while still attending all squad meetings and running duty as often as her schedule permitted, all while keeping a 4.0 GPA. Her experiences in emergency medicine produced her desire to become a physician and Jessica is now a Biology major at the University of Mary Washington and hopes to attend medical school.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS Telecommunications

Lisa Usher

Lisa has spent over ten years as a dedicated and passionate 911 dispatcher and communications manager with Spotsylvania County. Lisa motivates those she works with by being responsive, responsible and compassionate, as well as being a proactive training officer and for always seizing the opportunity to work dispatch. She works closely with her peers to guarantee high quality EMS response and makes sure the office, staff and services run smoothly and efficiently while responding to emergency calls. She also spends time serving on standards committees and attending board and commission meetings to make sure that communications is well represented. Her optimistic attitude and selfless dedication to the EMS system have positively affected those who call in crisis, as well as those she works with.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS for Children

Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. is honored for their EMS for children program and Rescue Sam, their educational ambassador. With Rescue Sam’s help, Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad reaches out to local children to teach them the essentials of safety, injury prevention and vital services of EMS. They teach children to know essential information when in need of medical assistance, how to call 911, when to call 911 and how to speak to a dispatcher. To help reinforce and reiterate critical EMS information, Rescue Sam distributes coloring books, stickers and other materials that allow children to have fun while learning. Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad and Rescue Sam is also commended for their tireless efforts to generate interest in EMS and for regularly visiting Mary Washington Hospital’s pediatric unit and emergency room to provide comfort and support to children in need.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS

The NSWC Federal Credit Union

The NSWC Federal Credit Union is honored for their tremendous efforts in assisting their local and regional EMS providers and programs. The NSWC has expanded their membership to include special employee groups and offers special banking benefits to those affiliated with local participating EMS agencies. The NSWC collaborated with local agencies to help increase agency membership, as well as help agency members establish a trusting relationship for their future banking needs. The NSWC also helps support the Rappahannock EMS Council’s Annual 911 for Kids program and Golf Tournament by donating money, support staff and event promotions. The NSWC works tirelessly with their community and helps sustain the strong EMS system in their local areas.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding EMS Agency

Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad

Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad has been committed for over 30 years to their community and to the EMS system. Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad is at the forefront of community service and altruistically dedicates their efforts and resources to protecting, caring for and educating their communities and for supporting programs like 911 for Kids, local EMT-B high school courses and regional training opportunities, like donating supplies to the regional training facility. They also extend their generosity and support across the nation and hurriedly send supplies and equipment needed during natural disasters and other incidents. They are also progressive and ambitious in their recruitment and retention efforts and are honored for their support and encouragement of excellence in their leadership.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding EMS Administrator
The Kent J. Weber Trophy

Jennie Collins

Battalion Chief Collins has dedicated over 20 years to EMS. She is a natural leader and administrator and is an asset to Prince William County. She serves on the Governor’s EMS Advisory Board and is active on numerous other state committees. Battalion Chief Collins is responsible for coordinating health and safety initiatives and risk management practices, as well as managing nine types of personnel deployment teams for humanitarian relief and aid during natural disasters. She also performed admirable and thorough work for the Line of Duty Death Investigation Workgroup in Prince William which produced a nationally renowned comprehensive report and a praised safety model for fellow EMS agencies. She is also involved in daily operations and coordination of programs for the Prince William Public Safety Training Academy, which trains over 6,000 students annually.

Governor’s EMS Award for Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

Karen Hamilton

Karen has dedicated over 30 years to the EMS system. She wears many hats and is a decorated nurse, aeromedical evacuation chief flight nurse, clinical supervisor, volunteer paramedic, quality care manager, EMS and nursing educator, federal national disaster medical system response team nursing supervisor and medical manager, regional Medical Reserve Corps volunteer, and Virginia-1 DMAT volunteer and educator. Karen’s work in EMS and nursing extends across the Commonwealth, the nation and internationally. Karen initiated the introduction of civil aeromedical evacuation nursing courses and educational materials which has trained over 2,000 nurses. Karen is a highly sought-after subject matter expert and often presents in-depth knowledge and experience at conferences. She also dedicates her time to humanitarian efforts including the Care Bear Team, which ensures sick children receive Christmas gifts and the National Scleroderma Charity Bike Team to raise awareness and funds for Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease in which she was diagnosed with 15 years ago. Refusing to slow down, Karen shows compassion and dedication in everything she does.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Pre-Hospital Instructor

Thomas Watson

Thomas volunteers his time and resources to educating and training emergency providers throughout Virginia, as well as nationwide. Considered a hazardous materials specialist, Thomas was handpicked for his expertise and effective teaching ability to instruct hospital HAZMAT operations personnel in the Hampton Roads area. Thomas is a respected and reliable instructor with the Texas A&M University System’s Texas Engineering Extension with whom he supervises over a dozen subject matter instructors, routinely travels the nation to teach and is a valued advisor for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Weapons of Mass Destruction EMS Operations and Plans course. He was also hand picked by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services National Disaster Medical system to train members from around the nation in new operations concepts as part of a pilot program. Thomas sets the standard high for EMS instructors and continually strives to extend his own knowledge in order to instruct his fellow providers.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding EMS Physician
The Frank M. Yeiser Trophy

Allen Yee

Dr. Yee is a dedicated operational medical director and an instrumental and integral part of the support given to his community and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Yee has been active in introducing new medical devices to enhance performance in the field and has worked to bring several agencies together within Chesterfield to create a seamless high performance area. Dr. Yee serves as an emergency medical physician, operational medical director, assistant professor at the VCU Health System Medical College of Virginia campus and is a certified firefighter. He also volunteers his time to serve on a long list of essential committees and advisory councils where he contributes his professional opinion and experience. He also served as the interim State Medical Director for over a year and the Commonwealth is thankful for his dedication and selflessness in performing the duties of the position and for raising standards of OMDs everywhere.

Governor’s EMS Award for Outstanding Pre-Hospital Provider

Beth Addington

Beth has dedicated over 16 years to EMS beginning as a provider at the Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1991. She later joined Chancellor Volunteer Fire & Rescue in 2003 and she currently works with both squads. She is honored for her hard work ethic and detailed involvement in day-to-day operational duties and for serving as an ALS provider and 2nd Lieutenant. Beth also mentors fellow EMS providers and dedicates countless hours of field training for new providers. She teaches CPR and other life saving skills, as well as public education to community members and other EMS agencies. Beth is also endlessly engaged in EMS related committees and determinedly promotes EMS to help recruit and retain providers to ensure quality care for her local communities.

Governor’s EMS Award for Excellence in EMS

Tina Skinner

Tina has dedicated over 20 years to the Virginia EMS system beginning as a Junior Member with the Dahlgren Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1986. Tina contributed to the improvement of the EMS system by not only serving as a provider but by stepping up and providing exemplar leadership and agency activism. Tina served as a paramedic and firefighter in the City of Fredericksburg and was also proactive and involved with the regional council’s Board of Directors and ultimately took on the position of Executive Director for the Rappahannock EMS Council in 1999 and continues to serve as Director today. Tina is also a seasoned instructor who emphasizes the importance of education for all skill levels and advocates community involvement and outreach, especially in schools.