Hospital Hub

Hospital Hub for Emergency Departments

The Virginia Hospital Hub is web-based statewide medical records exchange site where hospital emergency departments can receive emergency medical service (EMS) medical records for the patients they receive from EMS crews.

The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) offers two hospital level user account types.  The first is the “Hospital Hub User,” which is intended for use by nursing staff, physicians, and ancillary staff based on your hospital’s workflow.

The other account type is the “Hospital Hub Administrator.”  The Hospital Hub Administrator account is designed to be assigned to a limited number of your hospital staff to manage all of the Hospital Hub User accounts at your hospital (i.e., super users.)  We added the administrator role so your hospital could self-manage your staff’s accounts if this is more convenient for you.  The OEMS can and will manage your Hospital Hub User accounts if desired.  OEMS recommends that the administrator accounts be managed by ED leadership available on most shifts.  The administrator role may be best given to your hospital’s IT program.

To see a demonstration of Hospital Hub, please see the training video at the below link.

Hospital Hub User Training

Hospital Hub Admin Training

To request a Hospital Hub user account please read and complete the below Logon Request and Security Agreement.  If your hospital wishes to establish Hospital Hub Administrator accounts, the below Data Use Agreement (DUA) will need to be signed by an individual at your hospital with the authority to enter into a contract.  The DUA should be submitted with the Logon Request and security agreement.

Logon Request Forms