Pre-Hospital Committee

Name Organization / Agency Represented Discipline Expertise
Eddie Ferguson, Chair Goochland Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief of EMS
Sherry Stanley, Co-Chair Carilion New River Valley Medical Center Trauma Program Manager
Dallas Taylor Lewis Gale Medical Center Director of Trauma Services
Marilyn McLeod, MD OMD / Medical Direction Committee / ER Physician Operational Medical Director
Sid Bingley Air Transport Captain, Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad
David Edwards OEMS / Pediatrics EMS for Children Coordinator
T.J. Novosel, MD Level I Trauma Surgeon Assistant Professor / General Surgery / Trauma
Carol Bernier, MD Level I ED MD / OMD  Operational Medical Director
Jeffrey Haynes, MD Level I Pediatric  Director, Children’s Trauma Center
Ron Passmore Ground Transport Chief of EMS / Galax-Grayson Emergency Medical Services
Brad Taylor Level II Representative EMS Coordinator
Wayne Perry  Rappahannock EMS Council Executive Director

Meeting Minutes


March 16, 2017
April 20, 2017


March 3, 2016
April 14, 2016
May 12, 2016
June 2, 2016
August 29, 2016
September 1, 2016 
December 1, 2016