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Getting stroke smart 

May is also Stroke Awareness Month. Strokes happen when something blocks blood flow to the brain or a blood vessel in the brain bursts—it’s sometimes called a “brain attack” for this reason. Strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in Virginia (behind cancer, heart disease, and accidents). People experiencing a stroke need quick, professional medical care. The most... Continue reading

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Protect your liver; test for hepatitis!

Sunday, May 19, is Hepatitis Testing Day. Hepatitis can be caused by substance use, alcohol, or viruses. Viral hepatitis includes Hepatitis A, B, and C. CDC encourages all adults in the U.S. to get tested for Hepatitis B and C at least once in their lifetimes. RHHD Epidemiologist Senior Louise Lockett Gordon explains why viral hepatitis testing should matter to all... Continue reading

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Hurricane Preparedness Week  

All known hurricanes since 1851 that have come within 65 nautical miles of Virginia Beach. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants you to know that most good hurricane preparation happens before a storm shows up on the forecast. That’s why May brings Hurricane Preparedness Week. NOAA has put together a week of guides to help... Continue reading

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Know the facts: Fentanyl Awareness Day 

Tuesday, May 7, is National Fentanyl Awareness Day. The observation recognizes the approximately 70,000 Americans who fatally overdosed on fentanyl in 2023. Ahead of May 7, RHHD Substance Use Disorder Coordinator Jasmine Blue shares some important facts about fentanyl: What is fentanyl?    Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid and a major contributor to fatal and nonfatal... Continue reading


Welcome, Shaleetta Drawbaugh! 

“Health equity work is at my core”: Welcome, Shaleetta Drawbaugh! On April 18, RHHD welcomed Shaleetta Drawbaugh as the new Health Equity Fund Program Officer. The Health Equity Fund (HEF) invests in organizations working to eradicate health disparities throughout our city. Shaleetta has called Richmond home for a long time. She grew up in Southeast Virginia—attending 11... Continue reading

RHHD hits the pavement for Richmond’s biggest block party 

Louise Lockett Gordon’s 2024 YMCA 10K Training Team! Saturday, April 20, marks the 25th annual running of the Sports Backers’ [http://ukrop’s%20monument%20avenue%2010k/]Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K, one of the largest and most popular 10K runs in the United States. RHHD Epidemiologist Supervisor Louise Lockett Gordon has been coaching with Sports Backers’ YMCA 10K Training Team at the... Continue reading