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New Recert Process affective March 2014

Dear Virginia EMS Provider,

Beginning March, 2014, the recertification process in Virginia is changing.  Any level provider or EMT Instructor, regardless of affiliation status, who receives recertification eligibility prior to their certification expiration, will automatically be recertified during the month of their certification expiration.  If the last continuing education (CE) is received in the month of their expiration, the process will automatically recertify the provider.  There is no action required by the provider for this to occur, other than to assure their continuing education is received by the office prior to their certification expiration.  Submission of a “blue” form with an OMD test waiver signature will no longer be required

ALS –Coordinators and Emergency Operations Instructors will continue to recertify through their normal process. 

The new process allows the provider to recertify early, should they choose to do so.
Once a provider has complied with all recertification criteria prior to their certification expiration date,  instead of an eligibility letter, the following will appear in their EMS portal:

Screen Shot
By checking this box, the provider’s certification will be processed in that night’s batch process and a new certification card will be issued the next day.  This allows providers who wish to forfeit any remaining time on their current certification to do so and to recertify early.  We primarily see this as an option for those who wish to keep both their Virginia certification and their National Registry certification continuing education on the same rotation.  Remember, as indicated in the first paragraph, this is optional. Regardless of whether or not you check the box, you will automatically be recertified during you certification expiration month if you are eligible. 

(Hint – all Virginia providers whose National Registry certification is up for renewal March, 2014, are encouraged to manually recertify in March if you want to synchronize your two certifications.)

Important Note:

This change does not affect re-entry.  If a provider's CE is not received in the office prior to the certification expiration date, regardless of when the class was taken, the provider reverts to re-entry status.  Upon receiving eligibility to recertify while in re-entry status, the provider will need to pass the certification examination.  The new recertification process does not apply.  A BLS provider will be required to pass both the Virginia psychomotor exam and the National Registry cognitive examination at their expense.  ALS providers will be required to pass the National Registry cognitive assessment examination at their expense.

Providers, who obtained certification by legal recognition or are in the process of challenging Virginia EMT, must successfully complete the Virginia psychomotor exam and the National Registry cognitive examination at their expense after receiving an eligibility notice.  The new recertification process does not apply if this is the first Virginia recertification for the provider who obtained their current certification through legal recognition; however, subsequent recertifications will follow the described "new" process. 

Any provider who has certification eligibility and whose certification expiration is March 31, 2014 should receive automatic recertification no later than March 7th.  As with any new program, there may be some unforeseen or untested situations.  For those providers who are eligible for recertification in March 2014 and have not been recertified by March 10th, please contact the office.

Contact OEMS training staff with any questions.

Office of EMS contacts:
804-888-9100 – General office number
804-888-9120 – Division of Educational Development (Training)

Training Staff:
Norma Howard
Toni Twyman
BLS Training Specialist Greg Neiman –
ALS Training Specialist Debbie Akers –
Training Manager Warren Short –

New EMS Recertification Process as of March 1, 2014

Last Updated: 02-26-2014

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