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Transitioning to the new National EMS Scope of Practice and Education Standards

This page is designed to provide both instructors and providers with one-stop shopping for information, documentation and reports pertaining to Virginia’s transition to the new National EMS Scope of Practice model, implementation of the National EMS Education Standards and the National EMS Core Content.

Virginia Scope of Practice:

Virginia’s Scope of Practice is based upon the National EMS Scope of Practice released in February 2007 with modifications that specifically address EMS practice in the Commonwealth.  This National document developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) supports a system of EMS personnel licensure/certification that mirrors other allied health professions and serves as a guide for states in developing their Scope of Practice legislation, rules, and regulation.

The Virginia Office of EMS in consultation with the state EMS Advisory Board approved the Virginia Scope of Practice which includes the Intermediate level of certification.  A committee of EMS providers, Operational Medical Directors and EMS educators met and developed the following Virginia specific Scope of Practice documents.

The new Virginia Scope of Practice Formulary and Procedures are guidance documents designed to provide “educational minimums and practice maximums.”  EMS educators are encouraged to begin using these documents in their training programs.  They replace the old Procedures and Medications Schedules.

EMS Education Standards:

The National EMS Education Standards were developed by NHTSA in partial fulfillment of the EMS Education Agenda for the Future.  The EMS Education Standards will replace the National Standard Curriculum (NSC) for all levels of EMS.

Virginia has developed the “Virginia Education Standards” based primarily on the National Education Standards.  All instruction of initial basic EMS programs will transition from the NSC to the new EMS Education Standards.

Atlantic EMS Council Practice Analysis:

Professional Examination Service (PES) conducted a practice analysis of EMS providers on behalf of the Atlantic EMS Council (AEMSC), including First Responders, EMT Basics, EMT-Enhanced, EMT-Intermediates, and EMT-Paramedics. Practice analysis lays the foundation for examination validity. By conducting a practice analysis, developing test content outlines using the practice analysis data, and constructing examinations on the basis of the test specifications, an organization assures that the content of the examination is linked to the critical elements of professional practice.

Last Updated: 08-30-2012

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