Resources and Support

Illness and Isolation

Isolation and Precautions if You Have COVID-19 (CDC) 


When to End Isolation (VDH)

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Notify Your Contacts (VDH)

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Caring for Someone with COVID-19 (VDH)

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Comparing symptoms of COVID-19, flu, strep and cold (VDH)

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What You Need to Know About “COVID-19 Rebound” (VDH) 

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Testing and Treatment

Don't Delay: Test Soon and Treat Early (CDC)

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COVID-19 Antigen Test Results - What do my results mean? (VDH)

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Make a COVID-19 Plan (CDC)


Help Protect Yourself and Others (CDC)


Reduce Risk Indoors with Good Ventilation (VDH) 

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Wash Your Hands (VDH) 

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Last reviewed: January 31, 2023