Trauma System Oversight & Management Committee

In alignment with the Virginia Trauma System Plan adopted by the State Board of Health, the  Trauma System Oversight and Management Committee has been dissolved.  The newly formed Trauma and Administrative Governance (TAG) Committee had their inaugural meeting in December 2018.  Meeting schedules and minutes for this committee and the 6 trauma system committees can be found on the State EMS Advisory Board page.


Member Name Organization Represented Email Address
Dr. Michel Aboutanos, Chair EMS Advisory Board
Dr. Scott Hickey VACEP
Ms. Susan Watkins Citizen Representative
Vacant Non-trauma center representative
Dr. Michael Feldman Burn Center Representative
Dr. Shawn Safford Pediatric Surgeon Representative
Sid Bingley EMS Provider, HEMS and EMS
Dr. Maggie Griffen Level I Trauma Center
Dr. Jay Collins Level I Trauma Center
Dr. Forest Calland Level I Trauma Center
Andi Wright, RN Trauma Program Manager Level I Trauma Center
Lou Ann Miller, RN Trauma Program Manager, Level II Trauma Center
Lisa Wells, RN Trauma Program Manager, Level II Trauma Center
Emory Altizer, RN Trauma Program Manager, Level III Trauma Center
Dr. Keith Stephenson Level III Trauma Center

Meeting Minutes


  • March 2018
  • June 7, 2018
  • September 6, 2018
  • December 6, 2018