Recertification of Virginia Credentials

Recertifying Your Virginia EMS Certification

Recertification requires that the Office of EMS receives all continuing education (CE) requirements prior to the providers EMS certification expiration to prevent the provider from being placed in re-entry status.

In order to recertify your EMS credential in Virginia, you must meet the continuing education (CE) requirements for your certification level prior to your certification expiration date.

  • You can check your CE report online, in your Virginia EMS Portal, 24/7/365.
  • Virginia does not require providers to maintain their National Registry certification.
  • Should you desire to maintain your National Registry certification; visit for more information on their recertification process.

Virginia Recertification Requirements

Maintaining your certification in Virginia requires that EMS providers complete the state requirements for recertification prior to their certification expiration date. These requirements include:

  1. Completing the required continuing education (CE) credits for their appropriate level of certification.
  2. EMS Providers can access a copy of their Virginia CE Report online 24/7/365 via the Virginia EMS Portal.
  3. Once all requirements are met you will be eligible to recertify. This process is automated and you will recertify on the first day of the month of your expiration.
    • Providers plan to maintain their National Registry certification as well as their Virginia certification should use the “Recertify Me” option in the Virginia EMS Portal (My Tests & Eligibility>Eligibility Letters) once their National Registry certification has been issued.
    • This will cause the your Virginia certification to immediately renew.
    • This will assist you with keeping your continuing education records in sync with both Virginia and the National Registry.
  4. If you allow your certification to lapse you will go into reentry and to regain certification will be required to take the following examinations:
    • If a BLS provider, the Virginia Psychomotor Examination and the National Registry Cognitive Examination.
    • If an ALS provider, the National Registry Cognitive Assessment Examination for your certification level.

Virginia EMS Providers cannot practice without a current Virginia certification card.

Using College/University Transcripts for CE

If you are seeking to use your college/university transcripts for continuing education in Virginia, you must have your official transcripts sent directly from your university's electronic records vendor (e.g. Parchment, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Ellucian Banner, etc.)

  1. Make you electronic request.
  2. Ensure that Deborah Akers is the recipient.
  3. Have the transcripts sent directly to
  4. Ms. Akers will be in touch with you once your transcripts are received by OEMS.

Need help finding a CE course?

EMS Providers can locate local continuing education (CE) courses by searching our EMS Training Course Locator web page.  Other CE opportunities include:

If you have any questions about recertification, please contact Debbie Akers (