Emergency Operations Instructor (EOI) Information Page

Emergency Operations Instructor (EOI) Information Page

To Become an EOI

  • Be a current EMT or higher in Virginia
  • Be a certified instructor in another area  (VDFP, CPR  or PHTLS for example)
  • Successfully completed MCIM I & II after 2006 (last major update)
  • Attend an MCIM Train-the-trainer class
  • Have the approval of your OMD (to be verified on the EOI application paperwork)
  • Submit an EOI application within six months of taking the MCIM Train-the-trainer class

Helpful Hints

  • Keep a copy of your rosters for at least two years
  • For certificates, send rosters to:OEMS Division of Emergency Operations

1041 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23059
Fax: 804-371-3108
Email: Samuel.Burnette@vdh.virginia.gov

  • When submitting MCIM I & II rosters for certificates please ensure that the rosters are legible (or attach a typed list of names) — Failure to do so may result in certificate spelling errors
  • Clearly listing all instructors (both lead and assistants) on rosters is helpful in verification of instructor activity for recertification

To Renew Your EOI Status

There are two primary requirements that must be met in order for individuals to renew their MCIM I and II Instructor status:

  1. You must have participated as an instructor in at least two (2) Mass Casualty Incident Management Module II courses during the past two (2) years.  This can be done as an assistant or as the lead instructor for the course.
  2. You must attend an Education Coordinator Update.  This provides additional information on paperwork changes or any other administrative changes that have occurred.
  • In order to verify that your renewal requirements have been met please send a copy of the rosters for the courses taught, as well as information on which Education Coordinator Update was attended, to the Division of Emergency Operations Emergency Services Coordinator.  Once this information has been received and reviewed, your endorsement as an MCIM I and II Instructor may be renewed.

For further information please contact Sam Burnette, Emergency Services Coordinator, at Samuel.Burnette@vdh.virginia.gov