Recertification of Virginia Credentials

Recertifying Your Virginia EMS Certification

Recertification requires that the Office of EMS receives all continuing education (CE) requirements prior to the providers EMS certification expiration to prevent the provider from being placed in re-entry status.

In order to recertify your EMS credential in Virginia, you must meet the continuing education (CE) requirements for your certification level prior to your certification expiration date.

  • You can check your CE report online, in your Virginia EMS Portal, 24/7/365.
  • Virginia does not require providers to maintain their National Registry certification.
  • Should you desire to maintain your National Registry certification; visit for more information on their recertification process.

Virginia Recertification Requirements

The specific CE hours and content areas for recertification are listed below by level. If you gained your certification by Legal Recognition, additional recertification requirements are required and can be found below.  Click the link below which correlates to your certification level or method of entry into Virginia's EMS system.

Need help finding a CE course?

EMS Providers can locate local continuing education (CE) courses by searching our EMS Training Course Locator web page.  Other CE opportunities include:

Recertify On-Demand

Once you have met all of your CE requirements; you have two options to complete your recertification:

  1. Log into your EMS Provider Portal and click "Recertify Me" OR
  2. At the beginning of month of your expiration, the system will automatically recertify you and we will mail your new certification card out by the 5th of each month.
  3. Click here for a Quick Guide on How to Recertify On-Demand.

If you have any questions about recertification, please contact Debbie Akers (