HIV Care Services

Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Division of Disease Prevention has administered Ryan White Part B funding for HIV care services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Virginia since 1991.  A major part of Part B funding is for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) that provides medications for low-income, uninsured individuals with HIV/AIDS.  The remaining funds provide HIV care services, targeted to deliver medical care and support services to eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS (financial eligibility information is found below).  Ryan White funding is the payer of last resort.  All grantees receiving Ryan White funding are required to participate in the development of a Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN) document, which can be accessed below.

Ryan White Services & ADAP Income Requirements

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  • ADAP: 500% FPL
  • RW Part B (statewide): 500% FPL

Ryan White Part B – Regional Consortia and Direct Service Providers

There are five (5) Health Regions in the Commonwealth and two (Northern and Southwest) have a Regional Consortium that coordinates and facilitates Ryan White Part B funds that are received in the region.  In the Northwest, Central and Eastern Regions, services are provided through a network of direct service providers.  The Regional Consortia are a point of contact (PoC) for accessing information on all Ryan White funding, not only in their respective region, but throughout the State.  Additionally, information on the Northwest, Central and Eastern Regions, as well as the rest of the state, can be accessed by calling HIV Care Services at (855) 362-0658.

The Virginia Department of Health supports case management services with Ryan White Part B funds through regional consortia and direct service providers.  Providers of Part B-funded case management follow statewide Standards that were developed through a collaborative effort between VDH and case management providers.  The Standards and resources assist in service implementation.


Updates & Subrecipient Resources



NQC Quality Management Checklist

RWB 2016 Quality Management Plan

Quality Improvement Projects – Instructions

Quality Improvement Project Reporting Template

Cross Part


Performance Measures and Quality Improvement Project Guidelines 2014

Ryan White Cross Parts Quality Management Collaborative Framework

Ryan White Updates

HAB Allowable Services PCN 16-02 – Updated December 2016

HAB Program Income PCN 15-03

HAB Administrative Cap PCN 15-01

Contract Forms

ACA Enrollment Tracking Log

Client Eligibility Checklist GY17

Verification of Receipt and Assurance of Key Requirements for Non-DDP Personnel

RW Budget Workbook Template Rev 05-2017

Budget Reallocation Form

2017 Invoice Template

Subrecipient Report Narrative Template – GY17

Assurances-Non Allowable Use of RW Funds

Table of Deliverables – GY17

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

Certification Regarding Lobbying

FFATA Reporting Form

Fuel Card Log

Eligibility Verification Form for Reimbursement

FY 2016-2017 Subrecipient Annual Progress Report

Standards/Policies & Procedures

VDH Service Units 2017-2018

2016 HCS Subrecipient Guidelines

2016 Fee-For-Service Reimbursement Policy and Rate Schedule for Medical Care

2015 Ryan White Part B Case Management Standards

Final DDP Security and Confidentiality Policies and Procedures (1)

HRSA/HAB Ryan White Part B Monitoring Standards

Planning Documents

Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan

Summary of 2015 Public Hearings

2012 Virginia Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need and Comprehensive HIV Service Plan

2012 Virginia Comprehensive HIV Service Plan Implementation Update – January 2013

HRSA Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative

Virginia Systems Linkages and Access to Care Protocols

Peer Review

Peer Review Standards & Modules


HCS Meeting Corner


Region I – Northwest 

Part B services in the Northwest Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers. Please call HIV Care Services at (855) 362-0658 for more information.

Region II – Northern 

Northern Virginia HIV Consortium

Northern Virginia Regional Commission
3040 Williams Drive, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22031
Contact:  Michelle Simmons, Director of Human Services

Phone:  (703) 642-4632



Region III – Southwest

Council of Community Services
502 Campbell Ave, SW
P.O. Box 598
Roanoke, VA 24004
Contact:  Pam Meador, Director

Phone:  (540) 982-2437



Region IV – Central 

Part B services in the Central Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers.  Please call HIV Care Services at (855) 362-0658 for more information.

Region V – Eastern 

Part B services in the Eastern Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers.  Please call HIV Care Services at (855) 362-0658 for more information.