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September 19, 2018

For anyone living with HIV who comes to Virginia during an emergency event, VA ADAP can help with medications and other services.  Please call our hotline at 855-362-0658.  You can also have your service provider from your home state fill out and fax the Virginia (VA) AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Ryan White Emergency Enrollment Form.  The fax number is on the bottom of the form.

September 12, 2018


VDH is preparing for potential impacts from Hurricane Florence.  We need your help to assure eligible Ryan White Part B clients have continued access to medications and services.  Be prepared to serve Ryan White clients from other states.  Please take these action steps:

  1. Review your agency’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and update as needed.
  2. Educate all staff on your agency’s COOP.
  3. Educate your clients on your agency’s COOP.
  4. Visit VDH’s HCS web page and ADAP web page for daily updates, especially for issues related to medication access and use of emergency financial assistance to meet client needs in the aftermath of the storm. VDH is also posting messages on Facebook.
  5. Please be ready to accept People Living with HIV who may evacuate from neighboring states. VDH will provide more information about emergency enrollments, forms you can use, and will work with everyone to assure your agency has adequate funding to serve any additional clients during the emergency phase and the aftermath for however long clients need services from your agency.

HIV Care Services web page:

ADAP web page:

If Hurricane Florence affects your community, VDH instructs agencies to use your RWHAP B funds to provide allowable services to eligible clients.  Your agency may move their funding around to different service categories to meet the clients’ needs during this emergency and prior approval is not necessary.  VDH also instructs agencies to allow the following:

EMERGENCY ACCESS TO MEDICATIONS: If no other options exist for the client, agencies can purchase medications currently available on the ADAP, Ryan White Part B, and ACA insurance formularies using Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) funds.  Please review the Expanded Use of Emergency Financial Assistance for Medication Access in Virginia policy for additional information and steps. Prior approval is not necessary.  VDH is also working with local health departments to ensure Direct ADAP clients have continued access to medications.  If the local health department where a client accesses ADAP medications is closed, case managers should instruct the client to go to another local health department to get their medications if they can conveniently and safely do so.  If this is not possible, case managers should assist clients get their medications from a local pharmacy using EFA funds.  Visit the HCS web page or ADAP web page for additional information. If you have any questions about medication access, contact your Contract Monitor.

EMERGENCY ACCESS FOR HOUSING/FOOD/GAS: Agencies can use Ryan White Part B Emergency Financial Assistance funds for the services below.  VDH is waiving the “one-time” service use restriction for this service during this state of emergency.  Please lift any caps on these services by your agency if needed for client safety and continuity of care:

  • emergency housing for displaced clients
  • food and gas vouchers

FOOD BANK/HOME DELIVERED MEALS: Agencies can use Ryan White Part B Food bank/home delivered meal funds for the following:

  • purchase personal hygiene products
  • household cleaning supplies
  • water filtration/purification systems in communities where issues of water safety exist

PROCUREMENT: VDH can do modifications or budget reallocations to existing contractual agreements after the event to accommodate budget overages for allowable services.

REPORTING:  If your agency serves clients from out of state, VDH requests that you track and report the number of these clients served, service categories used, and expenditures for these services.  We will provide a tracking form and further information on how to report this to us.

For older Hurricane Florence Special Alerts, click below:

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Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Division of Disease Prevention has administered Ryan White Part B funding for HIV care services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Virginia since 1991.  A major part of Part B funding is for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) that provides medications for low-income, uninsured individuals with HIV/AIDS.  The remaining funds provide HIV care services, targeted to deliver medical care and support services to eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  Ryan White funding is the payer of last resort.

ACA 2018 Open Enrollment

Resources for Virginia Ryan White Part B Programs

ACA Enrollment Tracking Log

Open Enrollment Provider Information 2018

ACA Premium Binder Payment Log

Procedure for Submitting ACA Binder Premium Invoices to VDH

Helpful Tips and Information for Making Binder Payments

VDH Invoice Template

Ryan White Part B – Regional Consortia and Direct Service Providers

There are five (5) Health Regions in the Commonwealth and one (Southwest) has a Regional Consortium that coordinates and facilitates Ryan White Part B funds that are received in the region.  In the Northern, Northwest, Central and Eastern Regions, services are provided through a network of direct service providers.  The Southwest Regional Consortium is a point of contact for accessing information on all Ryan White funding, not only in their respective region, but throughout the State.  Additionally, information on the Northern, Northwest, Central and Eastern Regions, as well as the rest of the state, can be accessed by calling HIV Care Services at (804) 864-7964.

The Virginia Department of Health supports case management services with Ryan White Part B funds through regional consortia and direct service providers.  Providers of Part B-funded case management follow statewide Standards that were developed through a collaborative effort between VDH and case management providers.  The Standards and resources assist in service implementation.


Updates & Subrecipient Resources



NQC Quality Management Checklist

Comprehensive Virginia Ryan White Part B Quality Management Plan for 2017-2018

Quality Improvement Projects – Instructions

Quality Improvement Project Reporting Template

Cross Part


Performance Measures and Quality Improvement Project Guidelines 2014

Ryan White Cross Parts Quality Management Collaborative Framework

Ryan White Updates

HAB Allowable Services PCN 16-02 – Updated December 2016

HAB Program Income PCN 15-03

HAB Administrative Cap PCN 15-01

HAB Client Eligibility PCN 13-02

Contract Forms

ACA Enrollment Tracking Log

ACA Premium Binder Payment Log

Business Associate Agreement (BAA),rev 3-9-18

Client Eligibility Checklist GY17

e2 Virginia System Access Request Form_Non-DDP Employees

Verification of Receipt and Assurance of Key Requirements for Non-DDP Personnel

RWPB Contractor Annual Budget Workbook Template Rev 06-29-2018

RWB Work Plan Template

Budget Reallocation Form

VDH Invoice Template

Subrecipient Report Narrative Template – GY18

Assurances-Non Allowable Use of RW Funds

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

Certification Regarding Lobbying

FFATA Reporting Form_revised 03-23-18

Fuel Card Log

Eligibility Verification Form for Reimbursement

Subrecipient-Annual-Progress-Report, FY2017-2018

Standards/Policies & Procedures

Expanded Use of Emergency Financial Assistance for Medication Access in Virginia

Table of Deliverables, GY 2018

Virginia FY2018 FPL Income Requirements

Procedure for Submitting ACA Binder Premium Invoices to VDH

VDH Service Unit Definitions 2018-2019

2016 HCS Subrecipient Guidelines

Outpatient Reimbursement for Ambulatory HIV Medical Care and Labs Policy

Outpatient Reimbursement for Ambulatory HIV Medical Care and Lab Rate Schedule_GY2018

Ryan White Part B Formulary Policy

Ryan White Part B Medication Formulary

2015 Ryan White Part B Case Management Standards

Final DDP Security and Confidentiality Policies and Procedures

HRSA/HAB Ryan White Part B Monitoring Standards

Planning Documents

Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan

Summary of 2015 Public Hearings

2012 Virginia Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need and Comprehensive HIV Service Plan

2012 Virginia Comprehensive HIV Service Plan Implementation Update – January 2013

HRSA Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative

Virginia Systems Linkages and Access to Care Protocols

Peer Review

Peer Review Standards & Modules


HIV Care Services – Meetings and Trainings



Region I – Northwest 

Part B services in the Northwest Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers. Please call HIV Care Services at (804) 864-7964 for more information.

Region II – Northern 

Part B services in the Northern Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers. Please call HIV Care Services at (804) 864-7964 for more information.

Region III – Southwest

Council of Community Services
502 Campbell Ave, SW
P.O. Box 598
Roanoke, VA 24004
Contact:  Pam Meador, Director

Phone:  (540) 982-2437



Region IV – Central 

Part B services in the Central Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers.  Please call HIV Care Services at (804) 864-7964 for more information.

Region V – Eastern 

Part B services in the Eastern Region are delivered through a network of direct service providers.  Please call HIV Care Services at (804) 864-7964 for more information.