May 31

Public Health and Healthcare Role in Building Resilient Communities

Be Prepared to “Revive” with Naloxone

Spokesperson Boot Camp Pre-Conference


June 1

8:00 AM General Session

HPP and PHEP Changes

9:45 Sessions

Local Public Health Response to a Community Outbreak

How the Incident Management Team supported the 2016 Tornado in Essex and Appomattox Counties

Legal Considerations in an Emergency

Respecting Cultural Differences in a Disaster

Handout: Respecting Cultural Differences in a Disaster

10:35 Sessions

Ethical Decision Making During a Disaster

Planning for the Vice Presidential Debate in a Rural Area

CASPER Rapid Assessment Tool

Understanding the Media and their Use of Social Media


Traveler Associated Illness

Blurred Lines: Exploring Emergency Management and Business Continuity and the Relevance of Both in Healthcare Today

11:25 Sessions

Using Social Media to Discover and Characterize Public Health Threats

Integrating MRC and EMS into Real Events and Exercises

Leveraging Resources During an Incident 1

Leveraging Resources During an Incident 2

Addiction and the Preparedness Community

Addiction and the Preparedness Community: Part 2

Planning for the Presidential Inauguration

Evacuating 445 Patients from 2 Hospitals, 2 Nursing Homes, in 2 Days Agenda

Breakout Sessions:

Epi Breakout Session, 2017 Virginia Public Health and Healthcare Academy

Overview of Rappahannock Area Health District (RAHD) – Health Director Breakout

Social Media and the Web – Health Directors Breakout

Emergency Coordinator Breakout Session:


NAS Oceana Jet Fuel Spill 06 01 2017

Prep Academy Rabies Presentation

Threat of Active Shooter

2017.5 Hepatitis A Cluster in Central Shenandoah Health District

Academy Plnr Slides_6-1-17