Trauma System Plan Task Force

The Chair and Executive Committee of the state EMS Advisory Board requested the appointment of a multi-disciplinary task force representing the trauma and EMS system in Virginia to begin the process of addressing the recommendations contained in the Trauma System Consultation Report prepared by the American College of Surgeons. This interdisciplinary working group prepared the report based on a consultation visit that took place September 1 – 4, 2015, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The charge of the task force was to develop a timeline for completing a draft Virginia Trauma System Plan. In order to accomplish this goal, the task force identified subject matter experts to serve on work groups that examined key aspects and components of the trauma system in Virginia. The Virginia Trauma System Plan was thoroughly vetted using an open, transparent and inclusive process and the final plan was adopted unanimously by the state EMS Advisory Board and the Virginia Board of Health in November 2018.  The task force was disbanded and the newly created Trauma System Committees had their inaugural meeting in December 2018.  The Trauma System Committee meeting schedules and meeting minutes can be found on the State EMS Advisory Board page.

Trauma System Plan Task Force

Administrative Committee

Pre-Hospital Committee

Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation Committee

Injury Prevention Committee

Acute Definitive Care Committee

Data/Education/Research/System Evaluation Committee

Disaster Preparedness Committee